Why Football That Glitters, Isnt Gold

We all get tired of the things we love sometimes, pizza, the dog, our significant other.  A couple of years back we realised how bored we were of football.  High ticket prices, terrible match day food and a dire connection between our relative clubs and the fanbase.

We both walked away from football for a while, having both been season ticket holders this seemed like an alien thing to do, but we didn't really miss it.

A chance invite to a local game at step 5 of non league for me, and a trip abroad for James at similar times suddenly propelled us into the expansive world of non league football.  And once again we were hooked.  In the couple of years that have followed James has built up a successful YouTube channel under the branding of DeeJam, and I have found myself on a football terrace at some part of the weekend every single week.

We aim to discuss everything that is right and wrong with the game, and provide somewhere where a community of fans can connect and find solace in the fact that they were not the only team to lose out to a suspect offside decision in the 89th minute, debate whether or not Neymar Jr is still rolling after that challenge in the 2018 world cup, and maybe decide between us when, or if football really will ever come home.

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